Sunday, October 12, 2008

hmmm, my internal age is progressing like a hillbilly given a 400-mile per hour car

i have decided to split my blogs, like my personality, they are too diverse, this blog is going to be my pathetic little ramblings about life and pointing out the crap in other people, and my other one is going to be what my Friends family, and i it is still going to be more of me making fun of people and making weird comments, it will be mostly fashion, which is what i intended this to be then it grew into this horrible monster of sorts.and it came alive and attacked me.and i put a restriction order on it, but that's another story.
anyways it is.....


blog #42

As Douglas Adams said"42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything"
so this blog is going to be about the meaning of life, love.
don't laugh it is not funny, or cheesy.
it's true.
what would be the world without love.
the awnser is not much.
we do things out of love.
everything is out of love, even wars, can-openers, and kitty litter.
it is because we love, we care, and if you care, you help.
if we didn't love at some point in out short existence on this green planet of ours, we all would be assuming ego-manic serial killers, snooping around every corner with a warm m-16 in our hands. (hhm, sound like some politicians i know)
so ELE.


p.p.s. (post Plato script)
sorry, for the previous suckish fashion shoot, i promise a kick-ass one soon.
on my life.
ditch that, my sisters life.