Thursday, July 31, 2008

funiest song ever !

Robots (aka Humans Are Dead) (taken from the live 2003 performance)
The Humans are Dead - (Robots) live version by Flight of the Conchords [Robot1=Bret, Robot2=Jermaine, Dissident robot=Jermaine, PRSHRV Robot=Jermaine. Thanks to Fawad for writing these up

Sung robotically:
Both: The distant future Both: The year 2000
Both: The distant future Both: The year 2000
Both: The distant future Both: The distant future
Spoken robotically:
Robot 1: No more agriculture
Robot 2: No more war
Robot 1: Nope. No more racism
Robot 2: No more fighting, squabbling, or rumbling
Robot 1: No m--No more yogurt
Robot 2: No more difficult access ways. Stairs, basically.
Robot 1: Stairs. You mean stairs.
Robot 2: No more stairs.
Robot 1: Nope. Uh.
Robot 2: The future is quite different to the present
Robot 1: Yes. What with there being no stairs and all.
Robot 2: And most importantly…no more humans.
Sung robotically: Both: Finally, robotic beings rule the world!
Both: The humans are dead.
Both: The humans are dead.
Both: We used poisonous gases
Both: And we poisoned their asses.
Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: Yes they are dead.)
Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: I confirm they are dead.)
Robot 1: It had to be done.
(Robot 2: They look like they’re dead.)
Robot 1: So that we could have fun.
(Robot 2: I poked one, it was dead.)
Robot 1: Their system of oppression
Robot 2: What did it lead to?
Robot 1: Global robot depression
Robot 2: Robots ruled by people.
Robot 1: They had so much aggression
Both: That we just had to kill them
Both: Had to shut their systems down.
Spoken robotically:
Robot dissident: Don't you see? We are becoming just like them?
Other robots: Silence! Destroy him!
Sung robotically:
Robot 1: After time we grew strong.
Robot 2: Developed cognitive powers.
Robot 1: They made us work for too long.
Robot 2: For unreasonable hours.
Both: Our programming determined
Both: That the most efficient answer Both: Was to shut their motherboard-fucking systems dow-ow-ow-a-own.
Spoken robotically:
Pensive robot with Stephen Hawking robo-voice: Can't we just talk to the humans? A little understanding could make things better. Can't we talk to the humans and work together, now?
Both: No! Because they are dead!
Sung robotically:
Robot 1: I said the humans are dead.
(Robot 2: The humans are dead.)
Robot 1: The humans are dead.
(Robot 2: Yay. Dead-dead-dead.)
Robot 1: We used poisonous gases.
(Robot 2: With traces of lead.)
Robot 1: To poison their asses.
(Robot 2: Actually, their lungs.)

Robot 2: Binary solo:
Robot 1: 0000001 Robot 1: 00000011 Robot 1: 0000001 Robot 1: 00000011!
Robot 1: 0000001 Robot 2: 0h, 0h! Robot 1: 0000001 Robot 2: 0h, 0h! Robot 1: 0000001 Robot 2: 0h, 0h! Robot 1: 0000001! Robot 2: 0ne, 0h!

Both: Once again without emotion: Both: The humans are dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-dead-d--* (shut off)


I'm jealous. everybody else has a.d.hd. and i don't.
it's not fair, i bet they don't even have it.

maybe if i slip the doc a few bucks, I'll miraculously come down with it.
or maybe i can hang with people who already have it, and I'll catch it, like mono or the cold.
until then I'll be pretending i do have it.

the past week

sorry, i haven't posted in a bit.
J.E.R.M. was reunited for 2 days only , i had my birthday , and no computer.

God, i love being in J.E.R.M. (it consists of Josiah, me, Rachel, and Moriah.) we are the less exiting equivalent of Phineas and Pherb.
here is the list of things we did:

swimming, band practice (with my grandfathers bands) , hiking, sexy contest, making flower crowns, picture contest, played with bunny's, had a fashion photo shoot, found a pretty rare leopard spotted frog in a puddle ( in my grandfathers 150-acre backyard) , watched one of the best movies ever (drop dead gorgeous), went to the state fair from start to finish (noon to midnight, of which we went on the mix-up 9 times and the freak out around 10 times)

have to go!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

pics of my sis

well, as the title indicates, these are pictures of my sister, photographed by moi.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Commercials

Don't get me wrong, I love funny commercials. They make watching TV easier, almost bearable. The sad thing is that sometimes the commercial is funnier than the supposed "funny sitcom".
The thing is, I don't wind up buying the product. Why? Well, I'm stubborn. If I find a product I like, I'm not gonna stop using the product. (Unless they discontinue it. By the way, curse you, Suave Lavender No-Tears Baby Shampoo!)
Also, 99.99953% of the time, the said "funny commercial" is masking the fact that it's a sucky product. I mean if it's a cool product, and we know it, why do we need to have a funny and/or creative commercial to alert us of its hypercoolness? Most companies who gain popularity with a cool product and then come up with a cool commercial to alert us even more of its coolness keep their commercials for a while and rarely show them. (Hello, iPod commercial!)
So if it's a good product, if it changes its commercials, does that mean that its popularity is dwindling? I don't know. I'm just bored and ranting.

(Written by Beth, transcribed by Rachel, her super awesome mega hyper awesome awesome friend, you can tell by the lack of grammatical errors)

the non-blog

this is not a blog.
this is an anti-blog.
yes, you read me.
why, you may ask?
because, i have nothing to blog about.