Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awnsers to important questions

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked!what are you talking about?!?!i love scarfs!i would marry one, but it doesn't have genitals, and i want kids.

You get to ride the big roller coaster three times in a row. What will keep your dad from taking a bite out of your candy apple?
well, I'm going to say the obvious. throw up on it.

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?
alien poo?

What spells can you cast with magic markers?
magically cool sneakers.

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:
!.) you can only use your teeth.
2.)you must say the word ship, whilst tying and or un-tying the yo-yo with your teeth.
3.)no help from outsiders.

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?
yes, i rigged the game, i paid the porcupine a Benjamin to slip up the others.

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?
because candy scientists don't know their colors?

You've rented a sky-writer to propose to your significant other, but it's completely overcast. What will you do?
hire another, duh!

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?
plastic dinosaurs, crowns, Lego's, cars, plastic dresses. you name it, i do it.

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?
from my jail cell.

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.
Like heaven, wrapped in dark chocolate and all natural blueberry maple syrup. Which coincidentally i will be putting on said waffle.
moriah, in my old ball gown, her converse, a hoodie from forever 21, and a dkny belt.
moriah, in the outfit i created, on the swing we made last week or so.
moriah on the swing, again.
the girls (well, some of them.)
mrs. mallious

mary, lookin' tough

Mary, modeling for me in a Cristian Dior scarf, Mary Kate and Ashely shirt and argyle tights from target.

the gym's stage. oh, yeah and the kids.

some of the kids, running down to the gym

some of the kids, illegally in the fountain

the little kids, bowling, and trying to figure out how to win.

Sophia, riding a truck

Sophia, on stage with her new friend.

Sophia's dad, pimping'

William, pimping'

Josiah, killing illas

Josiah, killing illias, again.

Sophia in her tutu

Sophia and little friend playing the pop-it game

our little friend


Wore a navy blue handkerchief print shift dress, guitar pick earrings, a black shrug, a back scarf, and bow peptone shoes (and near the end I wore knee high white socks)
Hung out with Sophia all day, (no really, from 8 in the morning to the next day)
Helped unpack the rest of the pods, now they have all their stuff back from California. Goofed off awhile with illias, Zane, Lyn, Alex, and of course Sophia. Almost threw her into the dumpster but I tripped and I was holding up one fourth of her weight, so the rest of the group kind of dropped her, and she kind of ran for it.
wasted 100 matches, and lit one after another after another after another....well you get the point.
Hung out at the J.C. room, watched the history channel about gosts, and then an eco show on the discovery channel, then national lampoons European vacation.
All while of course, sliding around in knee high socks.
Zane kept complaining about his ulcers, but read about that later.
Went back to her house, drugged her brother with enough Tylenol for a 150 pound man (he is 100 pounds) ate popcorn, soup and canned peaches, watched a few movies and fell asleep in the basement.

Woke up at 10, thinking it was like 3 in the morning, then heard all the kids screaming outside and figured it must be later then that.
Rushed to my house across the walkway, because I was supposed to be home by 8 not 10.
Got dressed into a cool blue flowered dress, and started cleaning, then mom said since it was her birthday we should do something, so me and Sophia, Siah and mom were planning to go to the Natick mall, but then Zane got sick with appendicitis (or so everybody thought but there was no clear evidence)
But we went anyway.
On the way to the Natick, we stopped at Chuck E Cheese for a few hours.
We were playing pop-it (of which, I had just won) and this kid comes up to us and asks us if we want to be his friend. And of course, we say yes show him our version of the high five.
Hung with him, got tons of free stuff because we looked cute together, Chuck .E. hug molested us, we made friends with dorky cute Asian guy from Hollywood, almost got him fired case friends can’t talk to him while he is working.
Went to the mall, bought a bunch of things, ran backwards on the escalator, got in trouble by the security guard case he saw us.
Went to the bookstore, highjacked some cool ad’s. Ate a cookie, tried to squish to people into one chair, pranced down the isles.
Went home at about 10, realized Sophia’s dad wasn’t there, he was at the hospital with Zane because of his appendicitis. So mom had Sophia spend the night at our house because none of her family was at her house.
Stayed up until 3.

Woke up at 6, went to the Lexington church for the last time, gave a few people my e-mail address (because, I hardly ever use the phone) wore basically the same thing as I did on Friday, I don’t really remember church, case I had had a bunch of Tylenol and I was half asleep, dropped off dad, said hi to everybody outside, and we went to the book store for a few hours, ate some taco bell, went to target, found an awesome pair of shoes that I swear Betsey Johnson designed secretly and Isaac marizaha happened to find the drawings and make it.

Wore, a black dirty disco drug flower tee shirt, a burgundy brocade swing jacket, and black jeans, with a green plastic spider ring, and a fancy cocktail ring.
Went to the gym, played hide and go seek, we (me and Sophia) won again.
Tons of fun, hid in the men’s bathroom but a man came in and we had to hide in a stall, hid in a shower, within a locker room, within a another locker, within a hall that nobody goes in, and they still found us! Although, it did take them like 20 minutes to find us.
Another time I hid in a locker in the same room as before, and Sophia hid underneath some flags with some mats propped up against her and the desk side ways and the locker to the right of her. I hid in a broken locker, that I held shut, but then after like 15 minutes they came and I by mistake shut it all the way, then I realized my fear of closed spaces and went hysterical, and I realized the door was locked on me, so I had to bend the locker door so I could get out, and the kids of course found where we were because I was banging on the door and screaming, and Sophia came out of her hiding spot to rescue me. And it took 10 minutes to get me out of it, and Sophia had to pick the lock on the locker, and when I got out I realized how much I really bent the locker out of shape.
Ate some, played around, Sophia came over, I washed my hair in the sink, and it being a small bathroom I held my feet against the wall. So was a human bridge, with my feet equal to my head, with my head n the sink, except Mary and Moriah kept walking underneath me and Sophia was curling her hair and kept getting the cord In the sink, so eventually, I moved the cord, Moriah walked underneath me and we all crashed in to one big heap.
Woke up mom, and Sophia had to leave, I had to eat, and then we left for C.A.P., of course we hadn’t gone in 8 weeks to that particular one, so we had a very warm welcome, and with my luck the week we come back, and the week I come in heels, has to be P.T. they do all these silly screams and chants for every exercise, my favorite was for the groin stretch “ A stretched groin is a happy groin, sir” (for those of you who don’t know what a groin is, look it up.)
And we do marches and salutes, and I get my boots, balah, blah, blah.
We were asked if we could bring a friend or two to the open house, and I ask what about ten, (cause that is the number a friends that would want to come) and they launch into this discussion, but basically I can bring around ten, so im happy, the general is happy, and everybody thought it was funny. It ended at 9.
We went home, got to bed at 12.

Friday, August 22, 2008


sophia, doing her best to copy moriah.
Moriah, an aspiring acrobat, does the least hardest trick there is.
Lyn and Zane pulling down the death tree. (we have a video on that that i'll put up later)
Moriah, in my vintage shirt and my purse and her jeans.
Moriah, in a cool outfit i picked out for her.
Moriah, in my dress, that was my grandmothers.

Sophia as a Picasso.Lyn as a Picasso.
a really bad picture of me.
a really good picture of Lyn.
an okay picture of Mary.
Lyn and siah pre-fight over my sunglasses
Lyn and Josiah in a fight over my sunglasses.
Josiah and his skateboard.
Lyn trying to break the hoop.
Alex looking cool.
Becca caught off guard.
3 in the morning, Moriah decides to do some stretches. i decide to blind her with the flash.
a human square.
more squares made of humans.
our feet.
Allen, and Josiah, looking cool.
illias being hugged.
me, with kiss marks.
baby flying.
me, with grass in my mouth.
a smaller version of the discussion group, this when people were leaving the discussion.
card board sledding.
Mary rolling down the hill, in a toy bulldozer.
Lyn pushing Moriah down the hill in a box.
after the movie, Sophia's crazy hair.
(l to r) Marcela, Sophia, and Eleni, in front of the theatre screen.
me, in the mirror, at Betsey Johnson.
me, in a headband from J.Crew
Eleni in the same headband, different color.


Did my school work, played life, had a fake yoga lesson, played life, hung with Lyn, Sophia and moriah most of the day.


Was sick, layer in bed for like three hours, took enough Tylenol to drug a 500 pound man.

Whilst sleeping, my sister and Sophia cleaned the room. Did insane things which I can not clearly remember.


Still was sick, went to church in a purple low cut ruffled shirt tucked into a baby blue high waisted pouf-y skirt, was in church about an hour, then almost threw up, so I walked the foot and a half home. Changed into plaid boxers and took a nap while watching “the tripods” (a cheesy sci-fi show from the 80’s) went out side and hour and half later, and Sophia and everybody else was out so, we all played a very large game of soccer,

Oh, yes and we tugged and tugged on the death tree, and brought it down, and it is no longer a threat to our lives (the death tree was a 20 something foot high tree, that at the slightest touch wobbled to and fro)

Then our family went to the tin tin buffet, and then went home, then the triplets announced that one of the family’s was hosting a ice cream social to say good-bye to them, since they were moving in a few days.

So we had like 20 or thirty kids, and ice cream party that included every topping you could think of, even cereal, and what do you get?

A bunch of hyper kids pushing each other around, one insane game of ultimate Frisbee, way too many hugs, and crazy teenagers daring each other to do crazy things like build a path of tables running down a steep hill, and riding scooters on top of said tables, it lasted for like 5 hours this party. Till 10;30, and then only the teenagers went to the JC room and watched horror movies till 3 in the morning. and played pool, but I wasn’t allowed to go, to the JC room, because of dad and his rules.

It was tons of fun, even if I didn’t get to go to the JC room.


Woke up at 4 in the morning, got my school work done by 11, (I home school so I do my school work whenever) hung out with Sophia, just hanging, not that exciting,


Same as Monday, except we (Lyn, Sophia and me) went to Brookline village from 4 to 7 .

We walked around, went to this ugly hippie old lady store, and an Italian shoes store that was 95 degrees and sold the ugliest most expensive shoes ever, a really cool fair trade store in witch I found a purse that was an exact replica of a purse that one of Mariah’s friend gave her, and we sampled yummy coffee, and played with some rain sticks, then we went to this sunglasses shop, and I found the perfect pair of nerd glasses, Sophia found a pair of Prada glasses she wants and is going to beg her rich grandmother to buy them for her, and Lyn swiped a pocket full of lifesavers, and we all tried on this crazy pair of homemade glasses from the late 80’s for 400 bucks and then we went to the body shop, tried on a million perfumes, and lotions and other flowery crap. Lyn liked it because the sales clerk was flirting with him, Sophia hated it because the sales clerk was flirting with her, and I was just laughing because it was funny,

Went to starbucks to wait to be picked up, drank sodas we brought with us, got weird looks from it.

Looked at the past pictures, took some, erased some, then went back home.

Changed out of the notorious short black dress I can do nothing in except look cute in, changed into a black pair of jeans, a dirty disco tee, and Sophia’s pretty blue scarf, put my hair up Duffy style, watched Josiah make a fool out of himself while Lyn tried to teach him how to skateboard, then rounded up the gang went to the gym, and played hide and go seek, of course, me and Sophia won, goofed off for awhile, and then went home (which is two feet away) then went to bed at 3.


Did my school work, blah, bah, blah.

Wore black jeans, a white frilly shirt, a tan and black stripped shirt underneath, a black vest a bit too big, a studded belt, Duffy hair, my sunglasses, and black bow peep toe wedges.

Went outside, met this family we knew from camp and there older brother who is very cute, but pretends he knows about music, he knows his bands and band members well, but supposedly plays all kinds of instruments, but never quite knew the terms or notes or cords or anything, which bugged me,

Markella and Eleni came up and we hung out the teenage girls on campus, and all the teenage boys hung out, and after awhile we all just merged into one very large circle discussion on various topics, you know, Simpson, king Kong, god, harry potter, life after death, Marilyn Manson, suicide, sesame street, Shakespeare, kung-fu, and metallic skinny jeans.

You know the typical.

went to babysit Alexia, in the admission building, took me 30 minutes to find the office Sophia was watching him in before, we realised that it was the main room they were in.

After awhile, we decided to roll down the hill, but we didn’t want to get dirty, so we took cardboard boxes, got in them and rolled down the hill in that.

Did that for hours, till almost 9.

Went to bed at 2.

went to target, read my favorite magazine radar, went to subway, ate fresh, all of us girls won a free cookie, and possibly a vacation, cleaned a bit, changed into a spray painted mini skirt, my grandfathers band tee-shirt, and a black shrug and a black scarf. (my equivalent of sweatpants)

Went to the Natick mall, went to a few stores, found the best head band, and a Betsey Johnson dress that made me look twenty pounds less,, bought a box of chicken teriyaki, ate an ice cream cone, put the box of said chicken in my Louis vitton bag, ran to the amc so we wouldn’t miss the movie (sisterhood of the traveling pants 2) got in 16 minutes late,. Ate my chicken in the theater, when the movie was done, we danced to the credits in front of the screen, and theses two people were watching us intensely, it was a bit creepy, just a bit.

Then we went into the bathroom, and did our hair crazy, and goofed around, then got picked up by Sophia’s dad, got nicknames, and discussed the names of each day and how they came about. Then we went to the JC room, and hung with Lilly.

Went home at almost 11 went to bed at 11;11.