Monday, September 29, 2008

the dress is a la king

the dress a la ralph lauren
the dress a la preppy

the dress a la catwoman

the dress a la tee shirt
the dress a la grandpa
the dress a la Hilary duff
the dress a la babushka
the dress a la floral print
the dress a la Poiret
the dress a la Mary Kate and Ashly

Saturday, September 27, 2008

OK, so i just put on my equivalent of a thinking cap... a black pair of plastic wayfarer rims, that cost 1.99 excluding tax.

I'm going to write, i don't know entirely what about, but I'm going to pour all of my weird little thoughts out of my brain and onto the dingy keyboard.
I will probably bore the crap out of you, but hey, nobody is reading this blog, so i will be your ex-lax of the day, if you actually read this and not just glance periodically for more pictures of us in crazy outfits doing crazy things.

I've been watching so much t.v. it is not even semi-humorous, i blame it on boredom, and how goddamn funny it is watching some retard blond suck up to the queen of all blonde's, Malibu barbie herself, Paris Hilton.

it may sound lame and wannabe hipster, but i am kinda glad I'm not really well known on the Internet, because i wouldn't be cool and underground revaluation-like.
i am a million percent positive, that i am not the coolest blogger out there, I'm just another subversive, hip blogs out there about art, fashion, music and the general suck-ish-ness of life.
i wouldn't' even say my blog is cool. it doesn't have enough pictures, Americans have the attention span of a fly in a garbage heap, and without pictures, they just go to another piece of trash.
if i shut down my blog, thousands would not morn. Nay, even hundreds would not morn.
maybe five. if I'm lucky.
and they would just find another like me. Internet shows us, no matter how weird, there is always another like us.

it's funny, nowadays, we are so connected, but we have as a human race, left behind the need for close relationships, and swapped it for a hundred acquaints, that know are favorite color or food only because we posted it on out myspace.
ironic, really.

im done for this moment.

p.r./.r.c.t.f.o.o.m.h. (post rant/random crap that flows out of my head )
i promise some of said pictures, i will do about eleven.
you were reading, right?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

thank you for the comments, i was going to give up on blogging.
i have been reading, and spending like no tomorrow.
i will do a better post soon.

p.b. (post blog)
and rachel, did you like the nerds package full of euphemra?
love you so much!
millions and billions of hugs and cool things!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the past two days in no order

breaking into the gym, only to find out via a sign that we could get fined 5,000 dollars
a party from 6-10 with 200 people, firecrackers, glow sticks and spiked punch.
a water fight
watching agent Cody banks for the first time
a huge birthday party for Alexandra
a bell contest
a hottest without shirt contest (for boys only)
Greek dancing

and crazy things which i cannot clearly remember, but if given the choice would probably NOT want to know.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

my thought of the day

I hate watching fish.
I imagine them squirming down my throat and my stomach being a pond for them.
An acidic pond.
But, a pond none the less.

Friday, September 19, 2008

sad news

i just had a mass burying of ants.
i had a cross grave stone over the hundred some odd ants that were killed due to a tricycle incident, all gods creatures are blessed, so we held a funeral, about 10 kids came.

my new resolution

my new resolution is too post something new everyday, whether it be a sentance, a quote, a new poem, but no new pictures for a bit ( read the last article).

so here is a random picture that is my favorite, it was taken in the hallway of my grandparents house, the guitar my grandfather made, headband is a vintage belt, brown tank top is aeropostale, pale pink jeans are gap.
yuck, my hands smell like beer, cigarettes, tootsie rolls, and sweat.
i went to another barbecue, and this one ran really late, until 2, and by then everybody was drunk, i didn't smoke, or eat Tootsie rolls, or sweat so I'm wondering, why do i smell like this ?
i keep washing my hands but the smell still prevails.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

pros and cons of this week thus far

well, you read the title (i presume) so here is the content:

1.)we went to the beach
1.) i didn't bring a bathing suit, or a change of clothes

2.) i went to get my feet wet, and a huge wave, about ten feet tall comes crashing down on me, and it knocked me off my feet, it was fun, but..
2.) i was holding my 200 hundred dollar camera, and my 4 gig memory card, and they both got trashed.

3.) we kept doing the wave thing, even though everyone told us it was very dangerous, because we would stand there and the wave would crash on top of us, and then it would pull us back in with the water, then we would run back till the next wave.
3.) we almost drowned, twice, and we weren't in beach wear, i, in heavy wool high waisted skirt and lace shirt, ruined both of them, and Sophia in a see through dress and 50 degrees outside at cape cod, were in the water.

4.)we traveled all over the place, because, Sophia's mom, doesn't like maps or her 700 dollar G.P.S. system, so she did it on instinct, and we wound up in cape cod
4.) i got to hang out for awhile in the car, have a mini dance party, and read two books.

5.) we went to three beaches
5.)we only stayed like an hour at each.

6.) we burned ton's of calories, running, and climbing rocks the size of a transformers bot.
6.) i got all cut up, and my legs, don't even look like legs, they look like mutant space alien's legs. legit. and i trashed my favorite pair of shoes. it sucked, but it was worth it.

7.) i didn't see my parents for 3 days straight
7.) they got mad i wasn't hanging with them, even though they are always busy, and i would have to be there all day to see them for five minutes.

8.) we had a sleepover
8.) I'm not allowed to have sleepovers until October.

9.) my mom is leaving for three days
9.) my dad is strict and i won't be able to go to the midnight book release/ book signing of the inheritance novels (you know, dragon ?!?) or the big barbecue/ non-stop dance party the collage is hosting this Saturday.

10.) Rachel wrote me.
10.) i can't fully explain what goes on here, and she wants me to write back, but I'm not very good at articulating my situations.

11.) Rachel finally seems well off.
11.) more so then me, I'm so messed up, it's not even funny.

12.) i can't really think of anymore
12.) i cant' really think of anymore

Monday, September 15, 2008

If I Were The Evil Overlord...

I will never utter the sentence "Before I kill you, you should know…".
My stronghold will have ventilation ducts that are too small to crawl through.
Shooting is not "too good" for my enemies.
I will never design and build a sentient computer that is smarter than I am.
- Josiah Moody

Sadly Ironic

Once there was a man who could not speak ,
so he went to a speaking class there he learned how to say me, me, me.
the next day he went to a restraunt and learned how to say " forks and knives, forks and knives"
the next day he went to a electronic store and learned how to say ‘plug it in, plug it in",
the next day he went to a rock and roll concert and learned how to say "cause it feels good, tonight"
the next day he was walking a long and tripped over a corpse.
The police said "did you kill this man?" and he replied "me, me, me"
the police answered " with what ?" and he said " forks and knives, forks and knives!"
The police said "you, know were going to have to put you in the electric chair"
he said promptly " plug it in, plug it in"
the police asked " but, why did you kill this man?! " and he dumbly answered "cause it feels good, tonight"
- idea by the Frate girls, typed by Moriah Moody

Funny Commercials

don’ get me wrong, i love funny commercials. they make watching t.v. easier, almost bearable. The sad thing is, is that sometimes the commercial is funnier than the supposedly "funny" 90's sitcom.
The thing is, is that i don’t wind up buying the product. Why? Well, im stubborn. If i find a product i like, i not gonna stop using that product, unless, they discontinue it. (By, the way, curse you suave lavender no-tears baby shampoo!)
Also 99.99953% of the time the said "funny commercial" is masking the fact it’s a sucky product! I mean, if it’s a cool product, and we know it, why do they need to have a funny and/or creative commercial to alert us too it’s hyper coolness. Most people who gained popularity with a cool product and then came up with a cool commercial to alert us even more of its coolness keeps its commercial for awhile and rarely shows them ( hello, ipod commercial! )
So if a good product, if it changes it’s commercials does that mean it popularity is dwindling?!
Yes, most likely.
Now, for all of you out there that get mad easily ( and none of you are, but it is just to be safe), i will say it’s all not true and you can think whatever you want.
- Elisabeth Moody

Sunday, September 14, 2008

karis, in an outfit i picked out.
karis, in a outfit i made

karis, in her favorite outfit.
kala ,in an outfit karis made kala, in a outfit she made

karis, in a outfit i made

karis, in an outfit she made.

karis in her favorite sweater. (it is brier rose, or as some of you know her, sleeping beauty)

karis, in an outfit she made
me, and kala, in the mirror
only one word for this pic; aww .
a realy cool plane that a few minutes later would be in two.
mary, on top of the monkey bars moriah, showing off her green nails


me, in a caution zone

sophia, on the pirate boat
moriah and her indian chic outfit. karis, whispering a secret to becca

alexia, kissing sophia

alex and his cape, peter and his bowling shirt

last night

yesterday, was well, insanity in its best form.
the morning was nothing to remark on, though i woke up in another house ,due to the fact i spent the night at sophias watching horror movies with sophia, lyn and zane.
(we watched them until 3, but we only watched two movies, it is just that before we were at the bookstore till 11 and came home at midnight)
we alll played outside, until 3
They had a big church service, I forget what for but, I do know everyone went and we had to watch there kids. So we had 7 kids under the age of 6, and 6 kids over the age of 7, jumping around, throwing assorted items everywhere in a small house, jumping on each other, and on the couch and the bed, I recorded the least crazy part, later on when there was only 9 kids in the house, in the middle we had like 15 kids in the house.
Then we had a barbeque at 8 and it lasted till midnight when people started to go in, but at 9 me, Sophia, Lyn, Siah, and mom went to j.p. licks for some ice cream, I got apple sorbet (really good).
And went in at 1 in the morning.

Yep, just a typical day.
in my life.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

odes, poems, and more. all writen by me. no taking

oh, Kurt Cobain,
how i loved your mane,
that hair that flowed and glowed with grease,
that made Courtney want to be your main squeeze.
(to be finished later)

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT (for whoever gets this enemy)
I, Hearby leave Pandora's box and a couple of nuclear bomb to whom ever so pleases.

Although your plans may go down the drain,
I still tune in, for you, brain.
Marry me ?!?

although i can never spell you,
i want to tell you,
that i couldn't live without you,
some people pop pickles (my sister),
some people smoke crack,
i have you,
to ward away headaches,
and cracked backs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the 80's trend

i truly don't get it.
why would i want to look like an extra from fresh prince of belair, whilst i love that show, i hate the 80's.

i don't want to look like a disheveled crayola box.
i want to look like a disheveled Kurt Cobain (in girl form)

why is fashion stuck in the 80's (and my grandmother for that matter) ?

it is not even particularly exciting, only one 80's trend i even slightly like; shoulder pads.
the only good thing about shoulder pads, is if you pair it right you get to look like a Vulcan.
And that is fun.

the point is can't we look to the 20's,30, 40's, 50's,60's,70's and 90's for insperation.
the 80's had it time in the lime light (neon lime light, that is)
so be nice to the other decades and share.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

pros. v. cons. of this week

pros and cons;

1.) we went to chuck E cheese
1.) Chuck E cheese gives me a major migraine

2.) i got a large lollipop there.
2.) my large lollipop broke.

3.) Zane's school started
3.) Zane's school started

4.) got to update my blog on Monday
4.) got grounded from the Internet (i did it at 3 am)

5.) watched a few movies
5.) got grounded from movies (i did it at 4 am)

6.) had a sleepover, got up nice and late
6.) got grounded from sleepovers (i came back at noon.)

7.) found my star trek trading cards
7.) lots of them got thrown away

8.) found my blue tights
8.)they had a hole in them

9.) i can now swallow pills
9.) now i take too much

10.) Halloween is coming up
10.) i don't have a costume

11.) we went to the collage barbecue
11.) i got grounded from wandering off at social events

12.) it has been really hot.
12.) it has been really hot.

13.) moriah is having a birthday party
13.) we have to host it.

14.) i went to the thrift store
14.) i have no money now, and too many polyester scarfs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the fashion blog

moriah, in my vintage skirt, pink ribbon belt, and vintage floral shirt.

moriah, in an , that we tried on at old navy .

minnie mouse ears, old navy scarf, vintage liberty print shirt, blue hollister babydoll, vintage curtain tie used as belt/bow, purple tu-tu, and black tights

my shirt, abercrobie and fitch long sleeved shirt, a vintage curtian tie as belt/bow.

Luis vitton bag, brown vintage dress, old navy scarf, black tights.

a really cute dress, and sweater, and belt, but together. rock.

my brothers old suit jacket, my brothers old shirt, and a ribbon from a skirt, and black tights.

moriah, in a vintage Winne the pooh jacket, a shirt that was my brothers friend but went to collage in Texas, my dad's medal of honor for being in Iraq, a pair of black tights, and ribbon we got at Disneyland.

a really bad picture, a really cute outfit.

my sister, moriah.


and yet again, moriah

barbie, in a handkerchief gone dress.

moriah, in a outfit sophia made

Sophia in a outfit i made

Sophia in a outfit i made, again.

Minnie mouse ears: 10.50
Vintage scarf: 1.99

black dress: 21.99

awesome outfit: priceless
vintage shirt i found in the Attic of my grandparents barn, along with checks from the 70's

sophia, and riah. lookin tough in batman sunglasses