Monday, September 29, 2008

the dress is a la king

the dress a la ralph lauren
the dress a la preppy

the dress a la catwoman

the dress a la tee shirt
the dress a la grandpa
the dress a la Hilary duff
the dress a la babushka
the dress a la floral print
the dress a la Poiret
the dress a la Mary Kate and Ashly


Anonymous said...


yiqin; said...

I like almost all of them! Especially the second one :) Very fun photos!


...loving all the colorsss...
I just posted 'color' theme in my blog... hope to hear what u think.

keep up the fabulous job!

Nature Grafitti said...

love the photos, so adorable!

i'm from boston too... way to go bean-towners!!

Andie said...

love the dresses, im kinda jealous :| :D and the photos look so cool. btw thanks for the comment :) wanna swap links?

Merily said...

Nice shots. said...

Love alllllllll of the outfits! so mcuh!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Mary said...
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