Sunday, October 12, 2008

hmmm, my internal age is progressing like a hillbilly given a 400-mile per hour car

i have decided to split my blogs, like my personality, they are too diverse, this blog is going to be my pathetic little ramblings about life and pointing out the crap in other people, and my other one is going to be what my Friends family, and i it is still going to be more of me making fun of people and making weird comments, it will be mostly fashion, which is what i intended this to be then it grew into this horrible monster of sorts.and it came alive and attacked me.and i put a restriction order on it, but that's another story.
anyways it is.....


blog #42

As Douglas Adams said"42 is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything"
so this blog is going to be about the meaning of life, love.
don't laugh it is not funny, or cheesy.
it's true.
what would be the world without love.
the awnser is not much.
we do things out of love.
everything is out of love, even wars, can-openers, and kitty litter.
it is because we love, we care, and if you care, you help.
if we didn't love at some point in out short existence on this green planet of ours, we all would be assuming ego-manic serial killers, snooping around every corner with a warm m-16 in our hands. (hhm, sound like some politicians i know)
so ELE.


p.p.s. (post Plato script)
sorry, for the previous suckish fashion shoot, i promise a kick-ass one soon.
on my life.
ditch that, my sisters life.

Monday, September 29, 2008

the dress is a la king

the dress a la ralph lauren
the dress a la preppy

the dress a la catwoman

the dress a la tee shirt
the dress a la grandpa
the dress a la Hilary duff
the dress a la babushka
the dress a la floral print
the dress a la Poiret
the dress a la Mary Kate and Ashly

Saturday, September 27, 2008

OK, so i just put on my equivalent of a thinking cap... a black pair of plastic wayfarer rims, that cost 1.99 excluding tax.

I'm going to write, i don't know entirely what about, but I'm going to pour all of my weird little thoughts out of my brain and onto the dingy keyboard.
I will probably bore the crap out of you, but hey, nobody is reading this blog, so i will be your ex-lax of the day, if you actually read this and not just glance periodically for more pictures of us in crazy outfits doing crazy things.

I've been watching so much t.v. it is not even semi-humorous, i blame it on boredom, and how goddamn funny it is watching some retard blond suck up to the queen of all blonde's, Malibu barbie herself, Paris Hilton.

it may sound lame and wannabe hipster, but i am kinda glad I'm not really well known on the Internet, because i wouldn't be cool and underground revaluation-like.
i am a million percent positive, that i am not the coolest blogger out there, I'm just another subversive, hip blogs out there about art, fashion, music and the general suck-ish-ness of life.
i wouldn't' even say my blog is cool. it doesn't have enough pictures, Americans have the attention span of a fly in a garbage heap, and without pictures, they just go to another piece of trash.
if i shut down my blog, thousands would not morn. Nay, even hundreds would not morn.
maybe five. if I'm lucky.
and they would just find another like me. Internet shows us, no matter how weird, there is always another like us.

it's funny, nowadays, we are so connected, but we have as a human race, left behind the need for close relationships, and swapped it for a hundred acquaints, that know are favorite color or food only because we posted it on out myspace.
ironic, really.

im done for this moment.

p.r./.r.c.t.f.o.o.m.h. (post rant/random crap that flows out of my head )
i promise some of said pictures, i will do about eleven.
you were reading, right?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

thank you for the comments, i was going to give up on blogging.
i have been reading, and spending like no tomorrow.
i will do a better post soon.

p.b. (post blog)
and rachel, did you like the nerds package full of euphemra?
love you so much!
millions and billions of hugs and cool things!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the past two days in no order

breaking into the gym, only to find out via a sign that we could get fined 5,000 dollars
a party from 6-10 with 200 people, firecrackers, glow sticks and spiked punch.
a water fight
watching agent Cody banks for the first time
a huge birthday party for Alexandra
a bell contest
a hottest without shirt contest (for boys only)
Greek dancing

and crazy things which i cannot clearly remember, but if given the choice would probably NOT want to know.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

my thought of the day

I hate watching fish.
I imagine them squirming down my throat and my stomach being a pond for them.
An acidic pond.
But, a pond none the less.