Sunday, September 21, 2008

the past two days in no order

breaking into the gym, only to find out via a sign that we could get fined 5,000 dollars
a party from 6-10 with 200 people, firecrackers, glow sticks and spiked punch.
a water fight
watching agent Cody banks for the first time
a huge birthday party for Alexandra
a bell contest
a hottest without shirt contest (for boys only)
Greek dancing

and crazy things which i cannot clearly remember, but if given the choice would probably NOT want to know.


Bicycle Pirate said...

i once broke into a football stadium whilst holidaying in america, stole a golf cart and almost got deported...good times, crazy days. i love your writting
xx Bicycle Pirate

Stompface said...

I'm here, for your daily dose of candy for your soul.

Yayyy lets all cheer and clap and hold hands whilst skipping.

your last 2 days sound like AWESOME.

yiqin; said...

I love firecrackers! It's been so lnog since I have played wit them :(

Anonymous said...

hey, its rachel. i heart you. and miss you. and will make other comments later. and, i got your letter and thanks SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! love ya babe, stay ooblar, and garbibbly.
and keep posting cool outfits, i rely on them for inspiration.

yello said...

defintely linking you :)
your blog's fun to read!

Bartholomew said...

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