Sunday, October 12, 2008

hmmm, my internal age is progressing like a hillbilly given a 400-mile per hour car

i have decided to split my blogs, like my personality, they are too diverse, this blog is going to be my pathetic little ramblings about life and pointing out the crap in other people, and my other one is going to be what my Friends family, and i it is still going to be more of me making fun of people and making weird comments, it will be mostly fashion, which is what i intended this to be then it grew into this horrible monster of sorts.and it came alive and attacked me.and i put a restriction order on it, but that's another story.
anyways it is.....



Sharlo said...

i was just thinking of ur blog
like u once did this pro / contra thing of ur day
haaha. i loved that! it made me laugh out louuud :)
im gona check out ur new blog now

Shannon said...

Hey thanks for your comment! It was cute, but I couldn't figure out if you meant you liked my blog or not until the end because you kept listing things you loved and that sort of trivialized that word... haha. Linked you :)



split personalty? lol...
will check out the new site dear!

Anonymous said...

i loved it, thanx

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yiqin; said...

Sometimes I tihnk I should split my blog too because I rant way too much..

Lydia said...

Your blog is cute. I like! And your comment really got me giggling. I like to count things too. Let me know when your scarf collection reaches 30!
<3 (Encyclo)lydia

the tea drinking english rose said...

aw. that's a really good idea.
good thinking.


hey thanks for the comment!
back now haha
yes it was quite the time. Awesome blog you have here said...

Someone else that home schools? This is fantastic! I never thought I'd see the day. Thank you so much for your comment, and I am very happy to have found your blog of wonderful musings, thoughts, and words. Keep in touch! Love love love


yiqin; said...

Hahah splitting?! Hmm I thought of having one as a really personal blog too

Tea said...

I loved it, thanks.

Organic said...

But mixing up everything is what makes it so interesting.

Acai said...

Haha, love the comments.

Expat said...

You're crazy!

Anonymous said...


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